2590 W Ridge Road
Suite  19
Rochester, NY, 14626

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We Garantee the Safety and Quality

1. Brand new massage equipments.
2. All our empleyees are licensed and expert massage techanicians.
3. Everything that touches your skin is washed and sterilized in time.
4. We will try our best to meet your needs.

List of Services

Whole Body Masssage

10 min -- $10
20 min -- $20
30 min -- $25
60 min -- $50
90 min -- $75
Feet Massage (Reflexology)

10min -- $10
20min -- $15
30min -- $20
60min -- $30

Membership and Discount


(1): Pay 7 get one free. The length of free service is the average number of minutes of your seven paid services.

(2): You will get notice of our recent events and receive our newest coupon.

(3): You may receive our reward card in some hoildays. It depends on the total minutes you have paid.

Gift Card

Types of gift card:

(1): Gift card with the length of services.

(2): Gift card with certain amount.

(3): Reward card (Members only)

Current discount:

 Save 50% on one-hour whole body massage